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Hello AAPM NJ Chapter members,


We have scheduled the next meeting of the NJ Medical Physics Society for:


Wednesday, November 7   5:30-8:30pm

Villa Gennaros Restaurant

75 Lincoln Highway

Edison NJ, 08820

The telephone number is (732) 549-8554



Thank you to Standard Imaging for sponsoring this meeting





The topic of the Fall Meeting will be CAMPEP Residency Programs.


Since a medical physics residency is now a requirement in order to sit for board exams, many institutions have added or are considering the addition of residency programs to their departments. At current count, there are over 80 residency programs affiliated with the MedPhys residency Match program.


A study was undertaken of applicants to and directors from MedPhys Match-affiliated programs.  A trend was found across these programs, indicating that some unintended bias existed in many programs.  We will have a brief overview of a session at this year’s annual meeting which addressed these issues.


Doracy Fontenla, Ph.D., director of the MSKCC “2 + 2” CAMPEP Residency program, will share her experiences with the long-standing training program at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.


Sandra Fontenla, M.S., Senior Treatment Planning physicist with direct supervision of the MSKCC residents, will present some of the solutions her residents have proposed to address events identified in the hospital system.


We have applied to CAMPEP for 1.0 MPCEC credit for this event.



6:00 pm Welcome new officers and brief presentation of NJMPS-related issues

6:15 pm Highlights from AAPM 2018 Session, “Discharging the Bias”

6:30 pm Doracy Fontenla

7:00 pm Sandra Fontenla



Presentation 1:   CAMPEP RESIDENCY: MSKCC  “2 + 2” PROGRAM. 

 In this presentation we will have an overview of the MSKCC Residency Program:  The MSKCC residency program is accredited by CAMPEP, and is designed to offer a 2-year initial period which is dedicated to research and, if needed, the completion of all courses required for the CAMPEP accredited residency program.

Post Doctoral Fellows are assigned a clinical research project, under the direction of one of the members of the MSKCC Medical Physics Department Senior Staff.   On the side, if needed, residents will complete courses required by CAMPEP. Upon successful completion of the first portion of the program (research and courses taken), the Post-Doctoral fellow will join the second 2 years, dedicated to a full-time program of Clinical Residency, under supervision of members of the MSKCC Medical Physics Department senior staff.


Presentation 2: Errors and Process improvement in Radiation therapy

During their one year External Beam Treatment Planning Rotation, Medical Physics   Residents at MSKCC attend Monthly Radiation Oncology QA Meetings.    Events   reported in the   hospital system (RISQ) are presented and discussed at these meetings.    Residents work under the supervision of the treatment planning section clinical manager to address and resolve one of the reported events.   Residents make a presentation on their proposed solution which aims to avoid the event from happening again. In this talk we will present some of the QA issues addressed and the proposed remediation by previous physics residents to avoid a reoccurrence of these events.


We hope to see you there!




John Napoli, NJMPS President

Ting Chen, NJMPS Board Representative

Scott Murphy, NJMPS Secretary

Ke Nie, NJMPS Past President

Yin Zhang, NJMPS Treasurer



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