NCC-AAPM Spring Meeting

April 26, 2019

Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center

3060 South Kinney Coulee Rd Onalaska, WI 54650


Business Meeting Minutes


Attendees:  17 Full Members were in attendance

Attendance sheet (hyperlinked here)


The meeting was called to order at 12:17pm.


Minutes for the October 12 2018 Autumn Meeting were approved without revision.


Old business:


The date and location of the 2019 NCC Autumn Meeting is still pending.  Mark Towsley will check with the people at Mayo to see if they would be interested in hosting.  Mark will communicate with Zac.


Election results:

      President elect:                   Mark Towsley

      Board Representative:      Ashley Tao




      The 2018 budget and proposed 2019 budget were reviewed and approved.  The budget documents are hyperlinked here.


Jane spoke of a chapter treasurers teleconference hosted by Robert McKoy of the AAPM on January 30th.  The AAPM wants to standardize the processes that the various chapter treasurers use and also make a training video so these standardize processes stay in place as the office is passed on.  Also, the AAPM is working on establishing a centralized banking account for ease in deposits and audits.  A follow-up meeting is pending.


Jane has started making the position of Secretary/Treasurer paperless by archiving all pertinent paperwork as it comes in.  Our chapter has 3 tubs of paperwork dating back to the early 1970s.  Office Depot will archive all this information at a cost of $0.25/sheet.  Jane will get an estimate of cost to have these 3 tubs archived.


Board Representative:


Mike elaborated on the two Board Rep reports that were posted to the chapter website in advance of the Spring business meeting.  These reports are hyperlinked here:




New Business:


The President did not have new business to discuss.




A chapter history poster will be presented at the 2019 AAPM Annual Meeting in San Antonio.


Be aware of phishing scams that have targeted AAPM members.


The 2020 NCC Spring meeting will be held in Madison.  The meeting will feature a half-day symposium on small-field dosimetry,  and a night out.  The meeting organizers will work on inviting an outside speaker.




The meeting was adjourned at 12:50PM


Minutes were prepared with input from Jane Johnson, Zac Labby, Patrick Hill, Wes Culberson, and Mike Kowalok