Spring Business Meeting

April 26, 2019

Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center – Onalaska, WI



1.        Call to order                                                                                    Patrick Hill

2.        Review and approval of 2018 fall meeting minutes             Patrick Hill

3.        Old business                                                                                     Patrick Hill

            a.         Quorum and sign-in

            b.        Fall 2019 meeting location (Mark Towsley, local chair)

4.        Election results                                                                               Jane Johnson

5.        Secretary/Treasurer’s report                                                      Jane Johnson

            a.         Chapter treasurers’ teleconference

            b.        2018 and 2019 budget updates

6.        Audit committee report                                                               Parham Alaei

                                                                                                                        Mark Towsley


7.        AAPM board representative report                                          Mike Kowalok

            Board Rep Report – 2018-11-28

            Board Rep Report – 2019-04-02

8.        New business                                                                                  Patrick Hill

9.        Announcements                                                                             Patrick Hill

            a.         Chapter history poster

            b.        Phishing scams targeting AAPM chapters

            c.         Spring 2020 meeting (Wes Culberson/Larry DeWerd, local chairs)                                                                                                                                       

10.      Adjournment                                                                                  Patrick Hill